Year One

Reiki I & Reiki II   ($230)  Offered on the odd months of the year, 2 day training

8 week Shamanic Journey Class (via zoom)  ($152)

Attend Monthly Shamanic Journey circles   ($10 donation)

Attend Monthly Reiki Shares   (free)

Personal Shamanic healing sessions  ($120/4-hour session)

Mentoring Calls/zoom  ($40-$95 sliding scale) 

Year Two

Personal Shamanic healing sessions ($120/4-hour session)

Mentoring calls/zoom ($40-$95 sliding scale)

Attend Group Mentoring Zoom calls (learn business ethics and client retention)

Monthly Shamanic Journey Circles ($10 donation) optional

Learning Shamanic Healing techniques as student progresses*

Yearly Retreat * (price tbd)

Year Three

All of the above as in year two and if students want a more immersive experience I offer the following:

Extensive Shamanic Training / Immersive Shamanic Experience / Retreat

Here we dive deeper into the Shamanic practice, in nature, in healing, in communication with helping spirits in a group setting. This is a week long retreat. 

Have you come to a point in your life where you feel a calling to do more? To be more? To offer more to your community and the world around you? To become a Healer? 

I too had that calling and have been practicing the healing arts for almost 20 years. I had been given the gift of healing touch from a young age. In my late 20's during a "healing circle" I experienced spontaneous  Reiki.  When a white light washed over me like a waterfall as I placed my hands on a person to be healed. 

It wasn't long after that I found my Reiki Master and began the path of a healer. 
Reiki was followed by Shamanic Journey work, both of which are my pillars of healing for others. As my skills in both developed so did my clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience and clairaudience. All of which come through to some degree while in sessions with clients. 

None of this would have been possible without the aid of mentors and teachers over the decades. Now it is my turn to hold space for those ready to embark on their healing path as a healer. 

First thing to understand that being a healer means that you are always working on your own healing first. This has been called "Being the hollow bone" as a way of holding space for a client without your own ego involved with what transpires for their higher good. 

As you walk the path of the healer there are many ways one can travel. There are many paths and modalities that can be taught. I would suggest finding teachers you resonate with first and foremost.  Always remember too, your teachers are human and it is good to take the lessons learned but never put that teacher on a pedestal. 

If you have read this far I appreciate that. So, what can I offer up for someone wanting to walk this path. The short answer is Reiki and Shamanic Journey work. 

Intuitive Healer