I started offering this service in September of 2020 after I realized how difficult it                                                          was for people to get in to see their therapist or simply find one. Let me now                                                                  say, that I am not a licensed  therapist, I am not a psychologist or in any capacity                                                          in the mental health field. 

                                                       What I am offering is an opportunity to be heard on a heart to heart level.  One                                                                thing that I do bring to the session is my connection to my helping spirits. I                                                                    center myself and listen with my heart, not my head. This allows spirit to come through me with direction, clarity, and insight into your particular situation. 

"In the seven years I have been with my therapist, they never told me this."  ~Pam

Now, for that client it was a good moment of clarity. They stayed with their therapist, I am not taking your therapists place. I am an add on to your work. This allows us to get to the root of what you really desire and we start where you are. We are able to shake off old patterns and build your up from this point forward.  

In preparation for our session, I ask clients to make a short list of their top of mind concern. As we slowly dive into the topics Spirit shows me pathways for you to explore or ways to address a situation. Be it  work, home, family, interpersonal relationships, finances or health. With the aid of Helping Spirits we are able to find ways to release, cut away cords and implement new exercises for your positive movement forward. This is not me giving advise, this is Spirit showing me what the message for you is. This does not take the place of any other therapy you might be involved in.

I often create ceremony or ritual for you to do in order to help you get to your next level of greatness. Before our 60 minutes is over we recap what you are able to accomplish in the days and weeks ahead. And we usually schedule a follow up session 2 weeks out. 

All of the sessions are over zoom and are available 7 days a week,
between 10:00 am and 7:00 pm CST.  You can book online, or call or text if you cannot find a time that works for you. 312-799-9414

If you have questions please call or text me to discuss how this could work for you; 312-799-9414

Spiritual Guidance & Mentoring

Intuitive Healer