Each journal has 120 lined pages, soft cover. I hope you enjoy! 

Introduction to Shamanic Journey work 

The next 8 WEEK CLASS 
WEDNESDAY, JULY 6 to AUGUST 24  - 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm CST / US

This 1-1/2 hour class will introduce you to shamanic journey work, both guided journey work and self directed journey work on your own out side of class. As we meet together I will share my story of how I came to this practice and what has been revealed to me in my journey work.
I will share the ins-and-outs of "how to" journey and lead you on your quest to find your helping spirits and power animals. You will meet and work with your helping spirits on a weekly basis to reveal and heal parts of you to help you move forward in your power no matter what you are experiencing in your life right now. Each student will have access to me outside of the class as we work together to
cultivate your journeying skills. 
For those interested in this 8 week course we will meet via ZOOM on

Wednesday nights from
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm  CST, U.S.
July 6 - August 24, 2022.
Tuition is $152 due before the first class. 

More info and to register follow the link below. 

If you are interested in participating please complete
the contact form on this page. 
​OR call me directly: 312-799-9414
For more in depth information consider making time to view "The Way of the Shaman:  The work of Michael and Sandra Harner"  I hope it sparks an even deeper curiosity for you. 



Welcome Home Session

​This is a very special session that has been created with your higher good in mind. Most Shamanic sessions can be a bit overwhelming for people and integration takes time and care. What I have created is the Welcome Home Session which consists of three separate sessions to be completed within 4 weeks time. The first session included: Shamanic extractions and awakening your power in the sixty minutes we are together. The second session is a Shamanic soul retrieval; where soul parts that have been lost due to trauma are reunited with you in this present moment. And finally the third session is a Reiki session. Bringing balance an harmony to your whole being. ​Each session as a stand alone would be over $300. This package is on $270 for all three sessions. If you have any questions, or can't find a time and date that work for you please call or text me; 312-799-9414

One on one Shamanic Studies

You may want to experience meeting you own Helping Spirits and Power Animals. This would be a one-on-one teaching. The tuition is $125/session. We would meet for about 2 hours. I will teach you how to Shamanic Journey - and I will guide you into a deeper connection with your Helping Spirits.  Ideally this will be an ongoing commitment on your part. We would do this work at the very least monthly including attending the monthly shamanic journey circle with others.

Call me for a deeper conversation and for scheduling. 312-799-9414

I have designed Shamanic Journals for you to record of your journey work.

Shamanic Journey Circles are held the 2nd Saturday of every month from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm. Space is limited and registration is required. To do so call or text Mouse directly and express your interest in coming. 312-799-9414

All circles and healings are held out of my Shorewood, Wi home. There is street parking available. :Located in the lower unit, but there are a few steps up to the door. If you require assistance or special seating please let me know. in advance.


What do we bring?  
When we gather in circle we lay on the floor to do the journey work. I have some yoga mats and blankets, but you may want to bring your own. Including an eye covering, journal & pen, and water bottle. 

Please DO NOT...
Please do not wear any perfumes or colognes to the circle. I personally have a sensitivity to synthetic smells and some oils. Thank you for understanding.  

What is a Journey? 
I will direct you on how to meet your Helping Spirits or Power Animals. While I play a repetitive beat on a drum to help you enter a lucid dream state you will begin to see visions, or hear messages or get a feeling about what is happening. The journey can last 12 to 15 minutes. After which you "return" to the room and write down your experience. After some time of writing participants are encouraged to share. This serves many purposes, one of which is not to feel alone in the experience. We learn from each other as well as our own journey time. 

Do we take drugs or plant medicine for this? 
No. The beat of the drum is the way we access these other realms and Helping Spirits. If someone comes to the circle in an altered state I will ask them to leave. 

Who can come? 

All are welcome to attend. If you have never done any journey work or if this is a regular practice for you. The group dynamic creates such a powerful space that much healing can take place during this time together. If you are able to attend on a consistent basis we can build on your past sessions and develop your skill set on a deeper level.  Consider booking your one on one Shamanic Practice session with me to get even more out our time together. 

If there is anything I missed please feel free to call and have a personal conversation with me. I hope to see you at the next circle. 



Intuitive Healer

Shamanic Journey Circle 

To practice Shamanism is to work with Helping Spirits (HS) and Power Animals (PA) to navigate this world, this "ordinary reality" through Divination. With the use of the drum, rattle, dance and song a practitioner enters and altered state of consciousness to communicate with the HS and PA. While in this altered state we gather information, healing, and/or soul parts for the client in need. All of which is directed by the HS and PA. 

​I have made this practice my life work walking between the worlds of ordinary reality (o.r.) and non-ordinary reality (n.o.r.) I walk the path of a shaman. My HS have brought me to this place of oneness and of healing. Helping me to heal my own limiting thoughts, beliefs and patterns so that I may be of better service to you.  I cannot imagine my life with out this practice. 

Further on this page you will find the services we can do one on one as well as group journey circle information. Additionally I provide private shamanic training to empower those wanting to work with their HS and PA for themselves. 

For those called to the Shamanic Path I am taking on new mentees at this time 4/2022. Reach out in e-mail, text or call and let's discuss what this would mean for you. In light, Mouse Savaiano

The next Shamanic Journey Circle: 

Next circle: Saturday, May 14
**No Circle in June**

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Shorewood, Wi 

Love offering of $10 

To register please call or text: