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translates to Life force energy. It is an antient Tibetan practice rediscovered by man named Mikao Usui in 1922. The practice of Reiki is world wide and since 1922 there have been other forms of Reiki developed, all are valid and all hold the same fundamental truth of "do no harm". 

When in a reiki session we set an intention for your higher good. Perhaps there is something you are struggling with in your life or are feeling blocked in moving forward. Reiki can help you relax, gain clarity, feel lighter and less burdened with the day-to-day of life.  Most client report feeling centered, grounded and refreshed after a session. 
What happens in a session? With clothes on the client lies on a table, or sits in a chair, to receive Reiki. Some of the session the practitioner may place their hands gently on the client other time the hands may hover a few inches above the client. Not all clients "feel" something happening during the session yet the Reiki is doing its job and going where it is needed most at the time of the session. 

The practitioner is simply the vessel for the Reiki to flow through. 

Reiki has been one of the corner stones of my healing practice from the beginning. I am a Reiki Master Teacher and hold classes on the odd moths of the year. 

​If you have always been curious but not sure, come and visit me for a session. You will see what the hype is about! :) 

Complimentary offerings for the community

Reiki for oncology

For anyone pre / post treatment or anywhere in the middle call or text me to schedule this complimentary session. This is something I have offered to communities for the past almost 20 years. It is imperative to clear energies and find your power again. Reiki can help with that. This is a relaxing, empowering and leaves you feeling very cared for and loved. Please do not let your mind get in the way of receiving this treatment. It is my pleasure and honor to be of service. 312-799-9414

Reiki for Armed Services both active and retired  &  Frontline Covid workers 
As part of my healing work I offer complimentary services to those who have served. This is for any veteran or active service member. Reiki is something that can help you on so many levels, too many to list here. But if you put your trust in me I know that you will have a delightful experience of peace and ease. Do not let your mind talk you out of booking this appointment. It's time to take care of you! Call or text me to schedule your session at my Shorewood home office. 312-799-9414

I have many nurses in my life and I hear first hand the stress they are under for the past  3 years of the pandemic. I am offering to anyone in this field, on the hospital frontlines to consider coming in for a complimentary reiki session. This session can help you find your center, regroup, reset your adrenals and help you to rest. Please call or text me to schedule your appointment today. 312-799-9414

​Usui Reiki Level I & II Certification Attunement 


Out of my Shorewood home studio I teach Reiki at all levels. 
This is the lineage of Usui Reiki. 
Learn the history of Reiki, hand placement for self healing and how to feel energy. 
We will discuss my personal experiences with energy over the past 20 years as well as share information about our own calling to this practice. 
We will also discuss the Chakras and energy centers of the body. How to better follow your intuition and develop your communication style with spirit. 
Finally the day ending with your attunement to Reiki I. After which you will practice on yourself for 21 days and return for Reiki II, if you are so called to. Where by you will have the training then to work on other people. 

Please call or email with any questions. 
Email to register:

APIRL 2023

Reiki Level II starts with an Attunement and learning Reiki symbols. We spend most of the day practicing classmates during this time. Ensuring hand placement and experiencing a complete session. 

Tuition: $230 for both classes / vegetarian lunch included at each gathering. 

Individual class price: 
Reiki I = $130 / Reiki II = $175

To register complete the form on this page or 
call or text 312-799-9414

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Reiki Healing & Training