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Intuitive Healer

About Mouse, LMT
I graduated from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy / Cortiva 2009. I have worked in a Chicago Chiropractic office, Equinox Fitness Center and other local massage businesses. All the while building my own Chicago based practice. Until I purchased a massage business in 2015 in Evanston, IL. That evolved into a wellness center offering Massage, Acupuncture, Thai Bodywork, Shiatsu, Reiki and Trager Approach. Additionally we would teach classes to the public and continued education to massage therapists. Although that was successful in it's own right, my life took many turns and I closed the business at the beginning of 2019. I am now a Wisconsin resident, calling Milwaukee my home since August of 2021. 

Having been a Licensed Massage Therapist for thirteen years and I built a very devoted clientele in Chicago, I hope to create the same here.  My healing space is out of my home studio in Shorewood. I see clients Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. However, there is some flexibility in that if you wanted to send a message, text or call me directly to discuss other days. / 312-799-9414

About Massage

Massage Therapy can aid in unwinding and relaxation, and it can be usefully in recovery from any type of injury, operation, trauma, or repetitive use of the body.   Some places charge more between relaxation massage to deep tissue and so on. I simply charge for my time. I offer sessions from 45, 60, 75 & 90 minutes. 

My type of massage works best for those clients in recovery from over use, repetitive use or injury. Repetitive use is doing the same thing day in and day out, like sitting at the computer all day, or working as a check out in a store. The same motions over and over create repetitive use syndrome.  Other injuries can scan from a mishap in competitive sports, as weekend warriors, or an accident in day-to-day life. Be it a fall, slip, trip, bike or car accident. If you are recovering from an injury please contact me prior to booking to discuss the detail. 
However if you are looking to simply get re-centered, and there is no "injury" to speak of, book your session now. 
When booking it is imperative to inform me of the length of the session (45, 60, 75, 90 minutes). 

As a former division one athlete myself I am all too familiar with injuries. However, taking my knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology companied with my intuition I am able to unwind the situation in my minds eye and see beyond the acute injury or discomfort each client experiences. I often hear clients say, "I've never had a massage like that before."  Although some techniques might feel similar I tend not to be rote in my practice. Each person is new and requires new hands to touch them. The body will let me know what needs to happen as the communication between my hands and the clients tissue unfolds. In order for our time to be successful my hands need to listen if the session is to be productive. 

Some situations require other professional help like a chiropractor, physical therapist, etc.  Depending on the situation and how well your body heals among a plethora of other factors, would determine how often you might need to return for treatment.  I will make suggestions and changes or additions to your daily routine. If you are not willing to participate in these suggestions the road to recover will take that much longer. 

I ask that you come with an open mind and willingness to feel better. 

Please call, email or text with any questions or concerns. I work on all ages, all genders and all abilities. 

Massage packages are available for those who need to come in weekly or bi-monthly. 

Price points can change without notice: 

45 minutes $80
60 minutes $100

75 minutes  $120
90 minutes $145

payments accepted: 

Cash/Credit Cards/ Online Zelle, Venmo, PayPal